A dream... a canvas... the journey begins...

Welcome to the remote, exotic island nation that occupies the heart and mind of leading New Zealand landscape artist and painter, Brian C. Strong.

"Our New Zealand landscape is the constant provocation and inspiration behind my paintings. In recent work, the landscape is composed in such a way that it gives us several images within the space of the painting.

Light, the pristine, clear, sharp contrast of the shapes in the sky, water, and coastal land formations... all conspire to participate in the compositions.

In recent times, the icon image of the Nikau palm has been intentionally chosen for its majestic form and used as a symbol of New Zealand's growth and prestige".

Experience the power of a land transformed by the imagination, the skilful blend of landscape and maori history and the emotional and spiritual beauty of these timeless works.

Brian C. Strong studied at the University of Canterbury gaining a Diploma of Fine Arts with Honours. He has exhibited throughout New Zealand since 1965, is featured in private collections throughout the world and receives many commissions.